Welcome to the home of Section 87 on the web. Section 87 is composed of seven chapters in the central third of upstate New York. Read more…

November 15th is Quickly Approaching!

November 15th is a big day for Alpha Phi Omega!

The following are due from our chapters:

  • Annual Charter Reaffirmation Paperwork
  • AAMDs [payable to Alpha Phi Omega]
  • National Service Week Reports
  • Annual Chapter Evaluation
  • Section 87 Dues [payable to Alpha Phi Omega Section 87]
  • H. Roe Bartle Award Application (optional)

Reporting can be done through the Officer Portal on the National Website.

Region I/II Conference

The 2017 APO Regionals Registration Packet is out!The Region I/II Conference will be held January 4-6, 2018 in New Brunswick, NJ. The theme is Peace Love & ΑΦΩ

There is a Facebook page for the conference found at this link: Alpha Phi Omega’s Region I/II Conference 2018 facebook page

The Registration Packet is available. Early bird registration is through December 1, so please register now at the registration site (at Brown Paper Tickets).

It is expected that all chapters send at least one person in representation (the more, the better), especially this year as we look to determine our future due to regional realignment.

Please note that hotel room booking needs to be done separately.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Moscariello at chair@apo87.org.